CASC – Gift Aid

Inter Cheadle JFC – Gift Aid Declarations

Inter Cheadle JFC is registered with HM Revenue & Customs as a CASC ()Community Amateur Sports Club) which enable the Football Club to claim Gift Aid on the contributions made as part of our registration process.

When completing the registration form there is a box included asking whether you are a UK taxpayer and if you are, whether you agree to Inter Cheadle JFC claiming Gift Aid on your contribution.

By ticking yes, you declare the following:

  • That you agree that Inter Cheadle JFC can claim gift aid for the period of registration
  • That you pay the same amount or more of UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax as all charities and CASCswill claim on the donor’s gifts in a tax year and that the donor is responsible to pay any difference

Furthermore, your name and address as declared on the registration form will be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs when making a Gift Aid Claim

Full details can be found at

Inter Cheadle JFC – Exec Committee